It’s Mother’s Day, and in addition to remembering the women who gave birth to us, it is also important that we reflect on the other women who gave us life—our TV moms.

Everyone has a favorite mother from television they halfway wished were their real-life mama. Whether it was their jokes, the way they always had a hot breakfast ready in the morning or the advice they gave during that “very special episode,” today we salute the other women who raised us: the top 20 TV moms of all time.

20. Suzanne Kingston-Persons (Are We There Yet, 2010-2012)
19. Cynthia Carmichael (The Carmichael Show, 2015)
18. Janet Kyle (My Wife and Kids, 2001)
17. Louise Jefferson (The Jeffersons, 1975)
16. Eloise Curtis (That’s My Mama, 1974)
15. Phyllis Thorne (Half & Half, 2002)
14. Adele Wayne (A Different World, 1987)
13. Thea Thurell (Thea, 1993)
12. Lisa Landry (Sister, Sister, 1994)
11. Dee Mitchel (Moesha, 1996)
11. Tasha Mack (The Game, 2006)
10. Rainbow Johnson (Blackish’, 2014)
9. Nicky Parker (The Parkers, 1999)
8. Cookie Lyons (Empire, 2015)
7. Harriet Winslow (Family Matters, 1989)
6. Mabel Thomas (What’s Happening, 1976)
5. Rachel Rock (Everybody Hates Chris, 2005)
4. Mary Jenkins (227, 1985)
3. Florida Evans (Good Times, 1974)
2. Vivian Banks (The Fresh Prince of Belaire, 1990)
1. Claire Huxtable (The Cosby Show, 1984)



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