Bun confirmed a March 16 album release date on a recent episode of his  #TrillMealz cooking series. The project features romantic advice from Bun B. himself and Queenie did on Houston’s CultureMap. Bun discussed with HipHopDx his new album, SXSW and more by saying, “I didn’t have a record deal anymore,” he said of stepping back into the studio. “So for me, it was refreshing to be in a position to make music because I wanted to, not because I had to, because I was signed to a record company [and] I took an advance from a record company. It’s really about the freedom of being able to record. So for a while, I just didn’t record at all and just laid back, watched my grandkids grow up.” Then, Bun added, Queenie hit him with a reminder. “One day my wife tapped me on my shoulder and was like, ‘Uh, professor, you do have a day job,’” he said. “So we got back in the lab.”


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