a mastery day

a mastery female year

my skies are clear. scribe.

-an iiiYansa J. Muse Haiku


Pataki(yoruba for sacred story). 2018.11.27. Mars is driving me ever forward, dancing with Jupiter’s expansion. The day vibrates on a 4…a 22/4 to be specific. A day of spiritual mastery in the mastery year of the woman, and this moment is everything. It is the center of autumn equinox, and I am ever grateful to the ancestors for the blessed harvest that just seems to bear more fruit every time I turn around.  We are 5 days into Sagittarius season and Jupiter’s is ever expanding our limitless horizons. Mercury and Uranus are still in retrograde, so I use this time to tighten up some things I’ve been cooking up since last year. I scribe this by candlelight, the moon waning in my zodiac house, Leo. I feel more stale energy wane into the night sky, leaving only room for newness. My Egyptian Tarot I hold tightly in my hands, meditating on a message of Maat, alabaster vibration.  I exhale, the candle flickers….I draw…

This Tuesday’s message comes from card #6 of the Major Arcane, or royal court. Its image depicts two women, Vice and Virtue. The being above, the Wise Man, has his arrow aimed at the crown of she who is vice. This brings a message of hope to those who have been bearing the challenges of the righteous road less traveled, while flashing a warning to those who dedicate their energy to imbalanced vice. In essence, it is an Esu message, and I find and interesting alignment between the arrow on the card and the arrow of Sagittarius season, the archer thereof pointing up, while this card shows a heavenly being pointing an arrow down…and the head of the imbalanced of the two women. Since the year of the woman is ending, this card also whispers a foreshadowing. Of what, I dare to say. But one must be and stay aligned in Maat, the HOTEP way of life. She is the one of two ways with no arrow of pending doom over her head. Ase.



iiiYansa J. Muse

Goddess in the Heart’s Deep Woods


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