2018.11.20. It is a bright, sunny day in the city where you hang your sundress next to your overcoat. This day vibrates on a 6, ridin’ high on material value. I’m playing the Roy Ayers track in the background of smellin’ money in the air. It’s Autumn Equinox, harvest season foreal. My social media reconstruction is in a frenzy, and both Mercury and his sister Uranus are in retrograde. The moon is waxing in Aries, giving the day a double dose of Mars vibration. I meditate on a general message for the people with my Egyptian Tarot Deck in my hands. I take a deep breath and draw…

THe 7 of Pentacles vibrates on the drawing of material wealth…from within. If you have been working tirelessly on your monetary goals, the Universe has heard your call, and is in the process of delivering in a massive way. It whispers a foretelling of major fortune for your hard work…faint not! In the season of your personal harvest, remember those who helped to plow your field with no expectation. Beware of the leeches as well while staying spiritually grounded, ever grateful to the spiritual powers that be for your blessing. Congratulations in advance!



iiiYansa J. Muse

Goddess in the Heart’s Deep Woods

P.S. Should you need a personal revelation, visit my website at www.poeticallymused.org/windsongkraaloforacles.html to choose from my collection of signature tarot readings!




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