Ancient Orgasmic Sexual Energy

SEX is a sacred act, a gateway, reminding us that our bodies are vessels of immense power and love. It unleashes one of the most magnetic energies known to mankind, capable of connecting directly with the energy of all that is. Thus, the energy of your sexuality is the source of the greatest “magic” of all, namely the creation of life itself.

Chakra Sexual Energy

A chakra is an energy vortex connected to the entire human energy field, while the Universal Heart Chakra is the fifth of thirteen chakras. Also a there is a system of eight chakras; in that system, the heart chakra is number four.) According to The Ancient Egyptian system the orgasm was intimately connected to this fifth, or Universal Heart Chakra.

Egyptian Orgasmic Control

Chinese Taoist Tantra systems, are all primarily concerned with the sexual energy flow referred to as ”sexual currents.” Their concerned with what happens as the sexual energy is moved before the orgasm, but these are different views compared to the Egyptians concept on controlling the orgasmic energy.

The Egyptians understood that the orgasm is healthy and necessary. In addition, the release of sperm in males produce the sexual energy currents must be controlled in a deeply esoteric procedure that is unlike any other system. Egyptians believed that if this energy is controlled, the human orgasm becomes a source of infinite universal energy that is not lost. The Mer-Ka-Ba or lightbody (aura or the field of energy surrounding and interpenetrating the body) benefits from this sexual release. They even believe that under the right conditions the orgasm will directly lead to eternal life, and that the ankh is the key.

Manifesting Your Reality

Want to manifest your reality? The full moon is a powerful time to perform sex magic, or harnessing sexual energy through orgasms to manifest your intentions. The practice is initiated by visualizing you want to bring into manifestation.  Your creation can stem from a business opportunity, increased status or confidence to changes in your love life by harnessing your orgasmic intentions.

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