The Aum is an ancient meditation technique that is expressed within sound and vibration. In Egypt, this technique was known to increase the serpentine power to rise up the Dhjed(also known as the seven chakras).  This description of the chakras is also known as the seven seals in the Bible located in the book of Revelation.

According to the Pilgrimage_Report, “AUM is a sound that drives out evil influences. Spoken properly, AUM connects the human being with the Creative Godhead, the three Logoi, and no evil being  seeking to draw the human being away from the Godhead can stand up to it.”

Time to Practice

Manas is spiritual consciousness as such and becomes divine consciousness when the human being unites it with Buddhi. This is possible only for the human being who has given birth to the Higher Self, which lies hidden in AUM:

A = Atma
U = Buddhi
M = Manas – the Wisdom that leads the Higher Self to AUM.

Egyptian Hymn

O Self, from whom all originates, 
O Self, dwelling in me,
O Self, to whom all returns,
Toward You I strive, 
Peace_Peace_Peace = AUM.



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