The Priestess of Oya: iiiYansa J. Muse

Scrybess (Surname For female sacred writer) iiiYansa (iyansa.indygo.ivory) Judah Muse is a priestess of Oya, professional prophetic counselor, divinatory, literary, visual & performing artist with a focus on sacred dance and jazz poetry.  As a spiritual counselor, she advises from 16 various forms of divination and has crafted just as many signature readings.

Poetically Muse Publications

iiiYansa’s published written works include “The Crying Diamonds Poetry Collection,” and “Memoirs in Waiting,” the first volume of her mystic arts journal, the iiSangoma.  The journal’s feature articles represent a grassroots film titled, “Legba, Christ, and the Crossroads,” available on Vimeo.  She also has guest articles in TRE Magazine (July 2011) and Visit Black Houston Magazine.  More of her writings can be found on her new blog, “The Windsong Kraal of Oracles.”  She is overjoyed to have found a new literary home in HOTEPMAG and LITERAL SUBSTANCE.

iiiYansa’s Future Outlook

iiiYansa holds two bachelor degrees in theatre arts and mass communications media study.  In the near future, she aspires to expand her bottle art brand, return to radio hosting, and continue to create a large, stout body of creative work that heals, enlightens, entertains, and inspires others…all because she believes that the highest form of spiritual healing is creative expression.

For more information, please visit her website,

Iiiyansa Muse: African Spirituality, Tarot Decks and Divinity Interview
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