Which One Are You?

Fruit or a Dead Cow.  Health in the new year of 2018 continues with an upward swing.  People are beginning to save the planet by doing something very simple.  What is that one simple thing? Its eating healthy foods such as plants, fruits and vegetables. As a result, the body’s energy level increases along with the alertness and youthfulness.  One keen apparent change is the body odor also known as, “BO”.The body tends to have a natural body odor at a certain PH level on the scale of acidity vs alkalinity.  However, the foods you eat that are rich in acidic can potentially deteriorate the body like decomposing meat in the heat.  Therefore, check yourself daily.  If you eat meat on a consistent basis perform your own “BO” check versus a plant base diet.  Just next time your around a perpetual meat eater and they began to perspire do a “BO” check. The result is a sign that you probably want to check your diet, because “you are what you eat.”


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