A Silent Giant

As the trade tensions continue to escalate between the Western Machine and the Silent Giant of the East, the suffering will trickle down within the streets.  The current administration in the White House are always making moves that are controversial but this time they have stepped on the wrong country.

With a steady rise in their economic position in the world to become the number one power, China is fighting back with restrictions of their own, as a response to President Trump’s tariff on imports confirmed on Friday by implementing a 25 per cent tariff on US$50 billion worth of Chinese imports.

According to the South China Morning Post Chin’s efforts to coin the phrase “Made in China 2025” responded to Trump’s tariff with this, “In response, China said it would charge tariffs of the “same scale and intensity” on goods from the US, adding that all trade commitments made during the previous weeks of negotiations were off the table.  Aside from slapping tariffs on American products, China’s arsenal of potential retaliatory measures is formidable, and it could inflict heavy punishment on the more than US$200 billion of investment by American companies in China.”



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