Just Chilling….The World is Ready to Vibe as one Beat!

News Flash! Cannabis is starting to become the world wide talk for regulating the plant which some would say is “Nature’s Ultimate Healing Leaf”.  Currently, in West Africa the country Ghana has created a reform agenda to decriminalize the crop when it comes to possession and personal drug use. 

According to the Daily Maverick they forecast, “Stating Ghana’s position at the UNGASS, Ghana’s former Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Minister, Hanna Serwaah Tetteh, shared the commitment of Government of Ghana to step up efforts to improve the quality and the depth of the dialogue that had been generated ahead of UNGASS, “to ensure that in rebalancing international policy on drugs, emphasis should be placed on human rights including treatment, care, harm and risk reduction”.

As a result, under the prospective legislation, people will not face criminal sanctions for possessing drugs for personal use. If the law passes, Ghana will become the first Sub-Saharan country to decriminalize personal drug use and possession.


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World Booklet: United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime




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