WARNING!! Redistricting In Process

Many of our people are not so political within the age group from 35 and under.  However, these are changing times and the millennial generation needs to heed these words.  FILL OUT YOUR CENSUS!  There is a major change coming to segregate the unity of the descendants of Africa, Mexicans, South Americans and other Asiatics in the United States of America.

Since this census will be done online it shouldn’t be hard for everyone to go out and participate.  America is waking up and it starts with the younger generation who will become leaders of tomorrow.    Now it is time to play the game strategically. Everyone within the Hue-man family in North America participate in the census as a first step to take back the Hue-man rights that are endowed by the great creator.


There has been a lack luster effort to protect our children in schools, our freedoms and rights as human beings.  The 2020 Census is being used as a tool to deconstruct and destabilize the melanated votes that effect the local and municipal governments in each city.

Step 1: Register for the Census

Get everyone involved from 18-65 of melanated hue to register for the census to enforce the districts to remain for the people.  Count all in the household that apply.

Step 2: Town Hall Meetings

Solidify the districts census and create town hall meetings in every county to discuss the aim to place seats in local government.

Stay glued in! To be continued..

2020 Census Operations Plan


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