Scrybess (Surname For female sacred writer) iiiYansa (iyansa.indygo.ivory) Judah Muse is a priestess of Oya, professional prophetic counselor, divinatory, literary, visual & performing artist with a focus on sacred dance and jazz poetry.  As a spiritual counselor, she advises from 16 various forms of divination and has crafted just as many signature readings.

What is an Oracle? Is it like Neo’s Oracle (The Matrix) An oracle is a person, often times a priest or priestess that serves as a vessel from the spirit realm to earth, to deliver mystic revelations to people who find themselves at crossroads. Neo’s oracle in The Matrix was but one example of how we appear. We appear many ways, many colors, many paths and walks of life.

When or How did you discover your gift? What was it like “growing up gifted”? 

  • In all honesty, I always knew I was “different,” I just didn’t know how to define it.I would sense and see things I couldn’t say anything about without being intrusive to others.  I was raised a Christian deacon’s daughter…can you imagine? Growing up with these gifts was both fascinating and frustrating all at once. It was like the Universe and I had our own inside joke, while the price of the gift was often ridicule, being labeled crazy (amongst other names called) and at times, evasion and forced silence. The most frustrating aspect of being gifted was feeling I had to pretend to be a part of the secular world.  When I realized the fullness of these gifts, it emotionally overwhelmed me. There were stages of disbelief, shock denial, revelation, reflection, then acceptance.In my womanhood, I learned to embrace my introversion and later loved it as my mystery, revealing only what I pleased and when. When I look back, I see all of the pain I suffered to be who I am as collateral damage, and the end result was well worth it. I have never felt so clear,free, and natural.

What was your first reading like? 

  • Wow. That is a tough one. I was an oracle for many before I even realized I was doing that sort of work. Ever since high school, people came to me for advice about this or that. I accompanied classmates to funerals of loved ones, and talked many out of making foolish mistakes. In college, my dorm room was a makeshift therapy spot, as well as the master control room when I did my radio shows. In college, my oratory energy intensified to a point where many of my colleagues and sorority sisters (Zeta Phi Beta) respectively called me “mama.”Post graduation, no matter what odd job I worked, one thing was consistent….my oratory presence and people coming to me for advice and/or guidance. By the time I did my first professional reading, it was but an amplification of what I had been doing all my life. I served as an oracle counselor for four years prior to initiation as priestess of Oya.

What is the primary difference between Astro and Tarot readings?

  • Tarot is divination through a sacred deck of cards believed to carry messages from the spirit realm to a querent, and Astro readings are spiritual revelations in accordance to planetary movement, and the messages in the planetary houses. This also combines with the querents inner Universe, which is best revealed in an astrology chart. Upon request I can effortlessly combine the two…

In terms of the masses; what are the popular misconceptions or stereotypes of people with psychic ability?

  • What do you think is the origins of the misconceptions (ie media, tv, religion, ignorance, slavery)? Explain.(laughter swelling) How much time do you have?! Let’s see….There are common misconceptions that anyone spiritually gifted attained our powers from dark entities not of the Most High, that we have nothing better to do than cast petty spells on anyone who offends us, or anyone we want “control” over, that we read everybody we see (well, that one is kinda true, but we dont try to), and the list goes on and on. The origins of the misconceptions are longer than the list of misconceptions! Media, TV, religion, ignorance, and slavery combined are a massive culprit with many subcategories that DESPERATELY need clarity! The short answer why is the need for control over people’s spirituality in mass numbers, and the fear of supernatural mysteries that human logic cannot explain. The long answer is for another day’s interview….

Most commonly asked question? Strangest question, client, experience or situation?

  • I don’t have any commonly asked questions, as I get all sorts of questions everyday. The questions range from love to paranormal experiences, strange dreams to past life regressions. I really never know….I do get common words, though…they include: energy, connection, twin flame, soulmate, spiritual, and phrases like, “I got gifts too!” Strangest Client? I’ll keep that private. Client confidentiality is important. Strangest Experience? Mmmm, That one is tough too. Not much of anything, secular or paranormal is “strange” to me anymore.  Strange, weird, and extraordinary is normal to me….but I’ll be publishing my diaries of cosmic normalities….

Advice for people seeking a reading? Advice for young Oracles?

  • WHen seeking a reader, trust who your spirit resonates most with. This should hold highest priority over who is most popular, or who sells to you the hardest. It is the first exercise in trusting your own intuition. Be advised that the oracle is there to solve your problems, but to give spiritual messages that assist in helping you to make choices to better your path.
  • FOr growing oracles, know that you must first be transparent with yourself before you can bring clarity to others. Grow at your organic pace, and let your divination tools choose you. Dont be afraid to surrender to the process, which is a marathon, for many lifetime work. Respect the responsibility you owe to those who will come to you, and let honesty and humility be your left and right shoes!

HOTEP Quick Pick:

Aww…this isnt fair! I have to many favorites…Let put the phrase “one of my favorite” in front of each answer…

  1. Book,  Skyscraper, by Zane
  2. Author, Richard Wright, Jenifer Lewis
  3. Poet, Maya ANgelou
  4. Song Cameo, She’s Strange(1984)…THey wrote that song about me. THey just didn’t know it, hahaha!!
  5. Fill in the Blank: I love it when people call me mysterious , but never call me typical.
  6. Astro or Tarot? Both!


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